Active Ingredients

B4U's formulation includes the best, the most effective, innovative and safe active ingredients in the industry. Here is a list of some of them:
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Citystem™ fights the visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin, protects the skin cells from the penetration of pollutants and genetic ravage.

Citystem™ removes and neutralizes the toxic oxidant species that damage proteins and lipid structures.

Citystem™ strengthens the skin barrier, stimulates the skin’s natural antioxidants.

Citystem™ also repairs the cell metabolism by replenishing the energy level and reducing the inflammation.

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Duraquench™ IQ

DuraQuench™ IQ is a smart moisturizing agent thanks to its dual mechanism that forms a layer on the surface of the skin to prevent water-loss, whilst reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier.

DuraQuench™ IQ offers long lasting hydration and helps the skin appear smoother and more radiant.

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Easyliance is a blend of two natural ingredients with synergistic properties: a biopolymer and Acacia gum.Easyliance tenses the skin through a mechanical action. Easyliance isadsorbed and spreads out on the skin surface to form a continuous and elastic film. In a short time period, it

retracts and stretches the skin. Its effect leads to a visible and immediate decrease of wrinkle depth. Therefore, the skin appears smoother and fine lines disappear.

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Echinacea Stems GX™

Echinacea Stems GX™, made of botanical stem-cells, preserves the thin and delicate eye contour, reinforcing the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

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Ephemer™ is an extract of brown macroalgae cells. Ephemer™ have an ability to produce energy in stressed conditions and release fewer free radicals. Being a powerful antioxidant, Ephemer™ improves microrelief.

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EPS Seafill PA

EPS Seafill PA belongs to a new range of pure and natural Exopolysaccharides derived from marine biotechnologies.

The 100% natural and original ingredient tightens and fills wrinkles, thus providing an immediate smoothing and anti-wrinkle effect.

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