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B4U- Innovation tailored to your needs!

At B4U, we offer a wide range of cosmetic skincare and private label products, from novel anti-aging treatments, effective anti-acne products, natural and organic cosmetic and many more.

Each year we launch new products that incorporate the latest trends and innovations in the industry, in order to ensure quality, effectiveness, safety and sustainability.

Big or small, we aim to meet the needs of every client, with typical MOQ of 500-1,000 pcs per item (depending on the type of product).

For 2022, we launched an unprecedented program for the professional market, which enables producing private label projects starting from 100 pcs per item!

With its manufacturing facilities in Israel and Slovenia, B4U serves companies from all over the world while offering competitive prices.

B4U is an expert in international cosmetics regulation. Each and every formulation complies with the EU cosmetic regulations, and its facilities comply with all applicable standards (e.g., GMP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22716:2007 and ISO 14001:2004). B4U’s regulatory team assists clients on a daily basis.
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    Company History
    B4U is a story of 4 generations involved in the cosmetic industry. Joseph Hailperin established a perfumery in the 1940’s in Tel Aviv, Israel, and later established a company with two partners that manufactured cosmetics and imported major brands such as Dior, Lancaster and Paco Rabanne to Israel.
    His grandson, Yoav Gazit, first joined the company as the CFO and later took his place as a partner. In 1999, Yoav started his own cosmetic distributing business- B4U Ltd. His wife, Anne, joined him shortly after. B4U became the leading company in Israel in direct sales.
    In 2005, B4U became a manufacturing company and started to export its products worldwide.
    Gali, Yoav and Anne’s firstborn daughter, joined the company in October 2016 as business development manager. About a year later, her middle sister, Michelle, also joined the company as the sales manager of the Israeli market.
    In 2017, B4U partnered with Sonja Bobnar, an expert in EU cosmetic regulation and the owner and CEO of the regulation firm "Dr. Burstein & Waymore d.o.o". Together, they established EOS d.o.o, a subsidiary of B4U, which owns and operates a second factory close to Ljubljana (Slovenia) that employs about 100 people. This factory serves many of B4U's clients and also offers sub-contracting services to other companies. 
    Today, the company employs about 120 people in both facilities and services over 100 business clients worldwide.
    Meet our Team
    Yoav Gazit
    Ann Gazit
    Co - CEO
    Sonja Bobnar
    Europe General Manager
    Gali Gazit-Mizrahi
    Business Development
    Lena Malik
    Accounting & logistics
    Michelle Marcous
    Account manager
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